windows edinburgh

Slim 45mm sash sightlines, added thermal efficiency, high security and longevity are just some of the benefits of choosing aluminium as the core material for your new windows.

Whilst aluminium weighs in at 67% less than steel, it also meets all building regulation standards including those for thermal efficiency.

A stunning, modernising design is achieved easily with slim aluminium being available in any colour.

windows edinburgh

Modern Living Design

Aluminium, as a material is abundantly available and infinitely recyclable with no reduction in its quality. Aluminium does not deteriorate and makes a minimal environmental impact.

With a wide range of handles, locks and hardware enhancing security. Secured by Design (SBD) is available as a trade-up across the window range.

Panoramic fixed frames tilt before turn and casement opening styles, with triangular gable window frames all featuring in the extensive range.