heritage double glazed units

Trinity Glazing, based in Edinburgh, are Heritage Double Glazed Units specialists. At Trinity Glazing, the team manufacture Heritage Double Glazed Units for ‘supply only’ in our state-of-the-art production facilities. This means products and turnaround times exceed industry requirements. The team at Trinity Glazing also supply and fit Heritage Double Glazed Units in domestic and commercial properties throughout the Lothians and Edinburgh. Installation of Heritage Double Glazed Units are suitable for properties in conservation areas, as well as listed buildings. Heritage Double Glazed Units can replace timber framed windows too.

Trinity Glazing construct Heritage Double Glazed Units with:

  • A select cavity sizes of 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm - the wider cavity size increases the insulation of the unit
  • A select insulating inert gas - specifically designed to perform in smaller cavities
  • An inner pane of 3mm or 4mm low emissivity glass – the emissivity coating is on the inside face of the cavity and reflects the long wave radiation or heat back into the room
  • A Warm Edge Technology perimeter spacer – this improves the thermal efficiency of the window, reduces the risk of condensation, and significantly lowers the temperature differential between the edge and the centre of glass
heritage double glazed units

By using and maximising the latest technology, Trinity Glazing construct Heritage Double Glazed Units with a small cavity or space between the panes. The addition of a selected insulating inert gas into the cavity ensures low U-Values that are compliant with building regulations. The U-Values of Heritage Double Glazed Units are comparable or better than U-Values in standard double-glazed units.

Heritage Double Glazed Units are constructed with a warm edge spacer to increase the U-Value, low emissivity glass to reflect the heat back into the room, and low conductive inert gas to ensure that the maximum possible insulation is obtained. Heritage Double Glazed Units utilise and maximise the latest technology to reduce the heat loss by convection, radiant heat loss, and conduction. The unique small cavity and small perimeter seal in Heritage Double Glazed Units provide the best possible insulation available today.

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Are you ready to upgrade your windows? Would you like to save money on your energy bills? Contact Trinity Glazing today for a free quote on Heritage Double Glazed Units. Increase your solar factor and get the best window insulation for your domestic or commercial property with Heritage Double Glazed Units.

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heritage double glazed units


For the inner pane, a special soft-coated low emissivity glass is available from Trinity Glazing. This glass has the lowest U-Value. For the outer pane, Trinity Glazing have many glass types to choose from, including solar control and low iron. Hand drawn or crown glass is available on application.


The most popular thermal insulation gasses used in double glazing are Argon and Krypton, both offer improved U-Values in narrow cavity Heritage Double Glazed Units.

Warm Edge Technology

Trinity Glazing use a Warm Edge Technology perimeter spacer. This spacer has superior insulation properties and ensures that the window’s centre and perimeter temperatures are not significantly different. Condensation becomes a thing of the past.

heritage double glazed units

Trinity Glazing manufacture and construct Heritage Double Glazed Units using the best insulating glass materials currently available on the market today. Heritage Double Glazed Units keep your property cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The ultimate method of reducing your energy bill is through better insulation of your windows. Bring warmth and comfort back into your home or commercial property with Heritage Double Glazed Units.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Energy efficient Heritage Double Glazed Units can increase the value of your domestic or commercial property. Many potential buyers are looking for properties that are energy efficient. Reap the rewards, whether you are selling now or selling in the future, by investing in your property with Heritage Double Glazed Units from Trinity Glazing.