double glazing edinburgh

Trinity Glazing are specialists in producing glass units for both the domestic and commercial sectors. With state of the art production facilities we can offer products and turnaround times and that exceed industry requirements.

Are constructed with a clear outer self cleaning pane with a selected cavity of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm the wider cavity increases the insulation, with selected cavity insulating inert gas, which only performs in smaller cavities, an inner pane of 4mm Low Emissivity glass.

The emissivity coating is on the inside face into the cavity and reflects the long wave radiation or heat back into the room. The warm edge technology perimeter spacer incorporated, ensures insignificant differential insulation value between edge and centre glass.


Super Spacer Heritage®
Super Spacer®

Standard Double Glazed Units

Production Specification

  • Triple Glazed Units
  • Heritage Units
  • Hard Coat Low 'E'
  • Soft Coat Low 'E'
  • High Specification Solar Control
  • Argon and Krypton Gas Filling
  • Bioclean Self Cleaning Glass
  • Insulated Units with Integral Blinds
  • Decorative Glass (Including Georgian and Leaded)
  • Laminated to comply with Secure by Design

Glazing Information

  • Glazing details must be as per diagram
  • Putty must be of elastic type
  • Non setting compounds to be tapes or elastic sealant
  • When painting windows ensure paint line is 1-2mm overlapping onto glass
  • Minimum 1mm clearance required all round
  • Bottom packers must always be used
double glazing edinburgh


Special soft coat low emissivity glass with the lowest 'U' values are available for the inner pane. The outer pane can be chosen from one of our many glass types including solar control and low iron. Hand drawn or crown glass is available on application.


The most popular thermal insulation gas used in double glazing are Argon and Krypton gas and will offer improved 'U' Values in narrower cavity units.