Featuring a sliding-side opening, patio doors are ideal for areas within the home with restricted space. The large glazing area allows for maximum light exposure and offers extended views of the garden or surrounding area. Combining convenience, security and aesthetic appeal, patio doors are ideal for conservatories, porches or rooms that require increased access to the outdoor space.

  • Inliten 70mm high performance frame system
  • Steel reinforcement in sash and outer frame
  • Double/triple glazing, with a WER A rating
  • 10 year guarantee

Energy Performance

Every Inliten window and patio door comes with a WER ‘A’ Rating as standard. Designed for enhanced energy and thermal performance, Inliten’s multi-chamber design minimises heat loss through the frame, whilst the Soft Coat glass, warm edge spacer bars and high-performance glazing reflects internal heat back into the home whilst absorbing solar energy from outside.

Patio Doors Edinburgh


Tough, robust, and durable. Inliten frames are fully welded, internally beaded and steel reinforced for maximum strength, and because they are made to measure, structural integrity. Inliten windows and patio doors are also fitted with a high-performance multi-point locking mechanism as standard, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for your home. All windows and patio door components and hardware are specifically selected and fitted to ensure ease of use and long-term performance.

Patio Doors Edinburgh
Patio Doors Edinburgh
Patio Doors Edinburgh

Styles & Colours

Fully sculptured for enhanced visual appeal, Inliten doors are available in a vast range of styles, sizes, and opening configurations, with the option of adding Georgian or Astrical bars for a more traditional appearance. For maximum personalisation, Inliten windows and doors are available in a range of colour options, from authentic grain-effect foils to spray-painted RAL colours.


Our Patio Doors are available with either energy efficient 24mm double or 36mm triple glazed units. For optimum security, all Inliten door glazing units use toughened glass – which is 4-5 times more difficult to break than standard glass – on both the outside and inside panes of the glazing unit.

Patio Doors Edinburgh