timber windows edinburgh

Timber Windows

Trinity Glazing are specialists in the supply, renovation & upgrade of Timber Windows in Edinburgh.

Trinity Glazing can repair Timber and Sash & Case Windows, supply new timber windows and fittings for all timber and sash and case windows.

Timber Windows Double Glazing

Replacing existing timber windows with new, double glazed windows is often promoted as a means of combating heat loss, draughts, dust ingress and providing perceived improvements to sound insulation and security. Trinity Glazing can supply all information regarding double glazing your timber windows. In fact your existing windows can be upgraded at a lower cost to bring these benefits whilst still retaining the original features and style which give character to your home.

timber windows edinburgh

Repairing Timber Windows

Straightforward design and construction of timber sections means that sash and case windows can be repaired readily - even the most dilapidated. Windows are usually capable of resurrection. Trinity Glazing offer a free evaluation. To assess the timber windows. Most old sash and case windows were manufactured from exceptionally durable heartwood timber of a quality now difficult to obtain. It therefore makes sense to retain and repair original joinery rather than replacing wholesale with new timber windows Edinburgh which may be more susceptible to decay.

Useful Information for Timber Windows

It is unlikely that you will be carrying out repairs to windows yourself. This is where Trinity Glazing can help. Free evaluation and sometimes a visit is arranged. But it is suggested that you do some preparatory assessment work before employing Trinity Glazing to do the work for you so that you can agree how much work is required and what the price should be.

So if you are looking for quality replacement timber windows in Edinburgh, sash and case window in Edinburgh and double glazing in Edinburgh look no further than Trinity Glazing for your free quote simply call us today or email us you request using our contact form.